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Drunen is a town with a population of 17,783 (1 January 2008) in the municipality of Heusden in the southern Netherlands. Drunen is part of a region called the Langstraat ('long road') which is historically known for its leather and shoe industry. Since 1813, Drunen was a separate municipality, consisting of the towns Drunen, Elshout, and Giersbergen.

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Postmark Examples

Postmark Drunen 1883. See also Stampset Stampset.png
Postmark Drunen, 1989, as used by the "Filatelieloket" (=philatelic counter in the post office). The illustration in the cancel shows the town hall which was completely rebuilt after the 2nd World War.
Postmark Drunen 1992.

Machine cancels

Meter cancel Drunen, 1992.
Meter cancel Drunen, 1999.
Meter cancel Drunen, 2003.