Duesseldorf (DE)

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Düsseldorf is the capital city (598,686 end 2013) of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Historically, a District in the Rheinland province of Prussia. It was an important railway station, with train mounted post-offices (Bahnpost) since 1852. The city counts 50 boroughs, split in 10 Districts.

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Postmarks in Unified Germany

Meter cancels (all districts)

Meter cancel Dusseldorf-Holthausen 1935.
Meter cancel Dusseldorf-Holthausen 1958.
Meter cancel 1978.
Meter cancel 1986.
Meter cancel 1988.
Meter cancel 2001.
Meter cancel 2012.


"Hier geht die Post ab" town promotion cancel

Postmarks in Federal Republic of Germany

Düsseldorf to Melrose, Massachusetts in 1969.

Allied Occupied Germany

RPD Düsseldorf, PLZ 22a, was in the British Zone of occupation.

Düsseldorf 1

DÜSSELDORF 1 v 22.7.46.-20
DÜSSELDORF 1 v 7.5.46.--9
DÜSSELDORF 1 ll -5.6.46.-16

Düsseldorf 10

Off-centered (22) DÜSSELDORF 10 bb 18.9.45.-13

Machine Postmarks

Machine Cancel DÜSSELDORF 1 oo 25.5.46.
Machine Cancel DÜSSELDORF 1 oo 28.2.46.

Slogan Postmarks

"Vergiss nicht Strasse und Hausnummer anzugeben." (DÜSSELDORF 1 t 13.10.45. 9


Duesseldorf (DE) am cov ms.jpg

Machine Cancel (22) DÜSSELDORF 1 oo dated 28.2.46.-19 correctly franked with 12 Pfennig to pay the Distant Letter rate of the 1st rate period on its last day. Rates doubled on March 1st.

Postmarks in German Empire (1872-1945)

Since 1 January 1872.

Horseshoe Hufeisen in 1872ca
Horseshoe Hufeisen in 1872
3-lines frame in 1876, to be identified.
Circle at Düsseldorf 2 in 1881.
Early bridge in 1891
Bridge in August 1913. Mi86I
Bridge in 1919
Bridge in March 1922. Mi171
Bridge in November 1923
Michel No. 399X, 10+10 Pf., "Düsseldorf", 31-12-1926

Special cancellers

Reichsausstellung in 1937, circle DÜSSELDORF 1 k0 on 3-12-36.


Oberkassel (Limburgish: Ueverkassel) is a part of Düsseldorf's district 4, with a population of about 17,000 inhabitants. Oberkassel lies on the west side of the river Rhine. The Oberkassel Bridge between Düsseldorf-Heerdt and Düsseldorf was opened in 1898. Heerdt (with Oberkassel, became a part of Düsseldorf in 1909.

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Bridge on 3 August 1922.


Rath is a borough (16,975 inhabitants in 2000) in Düsseldorf District 6, near the airport, northeast of the city center. In 1909 Rath together with Unterrath and Lichtenbroich were incorporated into Düsseldorf at their own request.

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Bridge on 9 May 1935.

Postmarks in North German Confederation (1868-1871)

Horseshoe in 1868.

Postmarks in Prussia Rheinland province

Kreis DÜSSELDORF used a Postal code 359, capital of the District.


Kaiserswerth is one of the oldest parts of the City, located in the north and next to the river Rhine. Kaiserswerth has about 7,000 inhabitants. A borough in the 5th District, known for the Kaiserpfalz ruins. In 1174, Friederick I Barbarossa moved the Rhine customs collection to Kaiserswerth - hence the name. It joined the city in the 1929 reform.

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The KAISERSWERTH post office used a code 697, Kreis Düsseldorf.

Frame on a 1859 issue.