Estonia 2016 Estonian Innovation. Architectural Design

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 13th March 2016
  • four values
  • Designed by : Indrek Ilves
  • Printed by : AS Vaba Maa
  • Print process : lithography
  • stamp format height 26mm x width 36mm
  • Sheet format: sheetlets of eight (2 x 4), height 122mm x width 94mm. Also issued as booklet pane
  • Perforations : 13.75 x 13.75

Estonian Innovation. Modern Architecture

Sheetlet (2 x 4): two se-tenant blocks of four designs, the lower block set inverted, margins all round
0.65€ x 2 Narva College at Tartu University, architects Siri Vallner, Indrek Peil and Katrin Koov (2007)
0.65€ x 2 the Snail Tower in Tartu (Tigutorn Tartus), architects Viin Künnapu and Ain Padrik (2008)
0.65€ x 2 Estonian Embassy in Beijing, architects Andres Pöme, Lauri Vaimel and Liisa Pöme (2015)
0.65€ x 2 Rotermann Quarter, Tallinn, architects Ott Kadarkik, Villem Tomiste and Mikkel Tüür (2007)


sheetlet 4 designs x 2 each

First Day Cover

First Day Cover


  • contains pane four stamps taken from the sheetlet of eight, affixed by selvedge
stamp booklet
stamp booklet