Eupen (BE)

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Eupen is a city and municipality (18,949 inhabitants in 2013) in the Belgian province of Liège. It is the capital of the Belgium's German-speaking Community, and capital of the Euroregion Meuse-Rhine. It includes Kettenis. In the period 1815-1919 it belonged to the Kingdom of Prussia (Empire of Germany).

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Postmarks after 1950

Postal codes since 1969: 4700, 4701 (Kettenis)

EUPEN F1 in 1957.

Meter Cancels

Postage Meter in 2000. Kabelwerk is a large cable factory.

Baudouin period (1951-1993)

Stampset.png - Railway Postmark in 1950.

Postmarks before 1950

Leopold III period

Nazi cancel celebrating the return of Eupen in large Germany, 18 May 1940.


With Nazi cancel Heimkehr.. in August 1943.

Albert I period

Eupen (BE) ALBI a.jpg

German Empire

Bridge in 1909.

Kingdom of Prussia period

It used a postal code 397 in circles.

397 in circles
Linear framed in 1861ca.
DC in 1867.

Cards and Covers