Faroe Islands 2015 World War I Overprinted

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 13 May 2015
  • four values in a miniature sheet
  • Design: Anker Eli Petersen (basic sheet_
  • Printing: litho, Cartor, France
  • miniature sheet format height 70mm x width 100mm

Faroes20160513-Remembrance, World War I minisheet (red overprint)

issue of 2014 with top and basel border overprinting in scarlet

Miniature sheet

8kr Poppy overprint Miniature sheet (4 x 8kr)

Miniature sheet (used)

  • Note:the illustrated copy of the miniature sheet has a cancellation with date 8 December 2015
used Poppy overprint Miniature sheet (4v)