France 1966 Semi-Postal Famous Frenchmen Red Cross Fund surcharged

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 1966
  • Designed by :
  • Printed by :
  • Print Process :Engraving
  • Perforations :13
Gabriel Fauré, monument and the musical score of 'Penelope'. Engraved by Pheulpin and Cottet
Hippolyte Taine and his birthplace. Pheulpin and Cottet
Marcel Proust and St. Hilaire Bridge, Illiers. Engraved by Gandon
Francoise Mansart and Carnavalet Palace, Paris. Engraved by Pheulpin and Betemps
Elie Metchnikoff, with microscope at the Pasteur Institute. Engraved by Pheulpin