GB 1902 King Edward VII - De La Rue

From Stamps of the World
  • Printed by De La Rue
  • Perforations 14
  • Watermark Imperial Crown
  • Catalogue N°s: Miche 102-119, SG 215-266


2d Yellowish-green & carmine-red
File:GB 1902 King Edward VII - De La Rue d3.jpg
2d Pale grey-green & carmine-red
2d Pale grey-green & scarlet
2d Dull blue-green & carmine
2½d Ultramarine
3d Deep purple/orange-yellow
File:GB 1902 King Edward VII - De La Rue f3.jpg
3d Pale reddish-purple/orange-yellow
File:GB 1902 King Edward VII - De La Rue f4.jpg
3d Dull reddish-purple/orange-yellow (lemon back)
4d Green & grey-brown
4d Deep green & chocolate-brown
5d Dull purple & ultramarine
5d Slate-purple & ultramarine
6d Pale dull purple
6d Slate-purple
File:GB 1902 King Edward VII - De La Rue i3.jpg
6d Dull purple (Chalk surfaced paper, Jan. 1906)
2s6d Lilac
5sd Bright carmine
5sd Deep bright carmine
10s Ultramarine
£1 Dull blue-green


£1 Dull blue-green specimen in black


Caution: 1,5d - 2d - 4d - 1sh colours are light and water sensitive!

1d, squared-circle at Wakefield (GB) in 1903.
9d used at Leeds? SG250
10d to be located SG254

Large format

5 sh
10 sh used at London W in 1911, SG265
1£ green registered cancels in 1907, SG266


1d red FDC usage
1d red and ½d Green FDC usage - Columbia single impression machine, single arc & seven straight lines.

Used on Cards and Covers

1903 Hull to Anvers (Antwerp), Belgium.
1910 Brighton to Svishtov, Bulgaria.