GB 1961 Europa - CEPT

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  • 1961 Europa - CEPT. 19 Doves in Flight Symbolizing 19 members of CEPT all going in the same direction. 2nd Anniversary Conference held in Torquay, England on 11th September.
  • Date of Issue: 18th September 1961
  • Designed by: Michael Goaman and Doves by Theo Kurperschoek (Netherlands).
  • Printed by: Harrison & Sons Ltd of High Wycombe.
  • Print Process: Photogravure
  • Sheet Format: 120 (6 by 20)
  • Stamp Size: 41mm x 24mm
  • Perforations: 15 x 14
  • Watermark: Multiple Crown
  • Quantities Sold: 2d. 47,530,920; 4d. 7,614,480; 10d. 5,427,780
  • Withdrawn: Date has not been released.




2d - Orange Omitted

First Day Cover

FDC Torquay Devon Machine Cancel

Cylinder Blocks

Cyls 1A 1B 1C (No Dot)
Cyls 2E 2B 2C (Dot)
Cyls 3G 3D 3A (No Dot)