GB 1d Black & Red Matched Pairs

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The GB Line Engraved is 'unique' in that of the Black Plate printings, some plates were used to print in Red ink. These are known as Red from Black Plates.

As a consequence of this it is possible to find both printings of the same plate in both colours. These are Matched Pairs. However due to early repairs to the plates they are either identical or can have slight distinguishing marks.

In addition Plate 1a was repaired to make Plate 1b which was printed in both Black and Red, so it is possible to find Plate 1a in Black, 1b in Black and 1b in Red as a matched Trio.

Here are some examples.

Plate 1a & 1b-1e

N.B. Further repairs to what became Plate 1b were necessitated resulting in reds from Plate 1c-1e, not all units were further repaired.

This allows various combinations of matched pairs to exist for plate 1.

AA Plate 1b in Black and Plate 1c in Red.
OB Plate 1b in Black and Plate 1b in Red, both units showing the joined ON in ONE PENNY
EB Plate 1a in Black and Plate 1b in Red.
FI Plate 1b in Black and Plate 1b in Red. Double F on both showing clearly.
QL Plate 1b in Black and Plate 1c in Red, this resulted in a thinning of the corner stars and are known as state 3
Plate 1B Black SA SB SC SD matched with 1C in Red

Plate 2

TL Both showing vertical and horizontal guidelines outside the right frame.
TA both showing guide dot at bottom left.

Plate 5

CE Original printing - State 1
CE Black in State 2
CE in Black State 3
CE in Red State 3

Plate 8


Plate 9


Plate 10

BB red in State 2 after repair, 'O' Flaw has been removed by the repair.

Plate 11