GB 2014 Buckingham Palace. Self-adhesive booklet

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 15th April 2014
  • self-adhesive 'Retail Booklet' of six stamps
  • Designed by : Robert Maude and Sarah Davies (interiors) from photographs, or Jeffery Matthews after Arnold Machin (Machin).
  • Printed by : International Security Printers (Walsall, England)
  • Print process : gravure
  • Perforations : die-cut 14¼ x 14, or 14¾ x 14 (Machins)

Stamp Booklet

Retail Booklet (£3.72) ~ contains 1st (62p) ~ the Grand Staircase. Photograph by Derry Moore 1st (62p) x 4 copies Machin head of Elizabeth II. Bright orange. Security overlay has code M14L / MCIL 1st (62p) ~ the Throne Room. Photograph by Derry Moore

  • This booklet was only source (at time of issue) of self-adhesive Buckingham Palace Interiors stamps
  • It was also the only source (at time of issue) of the M14L/MCIL security coded self-adhesive Machin in gravure


1st x 6
Booklet cover

Booklet FDC