GB 2016 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 2nd September 2016
  • six values in three se-tenant pairs
  • Designed by: The Chase, from illustrations by John Higgins
  • Printed by : Cartor, France
  • Print process : lithography
  • Sheet format: printed in sheets of 60 stamps (30 se-tenant pairs) for each value
  • Perforations : die cut 14.2 x 14.3
  • Phosphor: two phosphor bands on each stamp
  • Stemp format: height 35mm x width 35mm (pairs, width 70mm)

Stamp Details

1st (64p) ~ Sept 2nd, 1666. Fire breaks out at a bakery in Pudding Lane (scene at bakery); Thomas Farriner and his daughter escape through a window
1st (64p) ~ Sept 2nd, 1666. Fire spreads rapidly, families flee, many to the river (family in flight, people boarding boats)
£1.05 ~ Sept 3rd, 1666. Houses are pulled down in an attempt to create a fire-break
£1.05 ~ Sept 4th, 1666. Fire reaches St Paul’s Cathedral, watched by citizens. Belongings stored in building fuel the flames
£1.52 ~ Sept 5th, 1666. Fire dies out. People gather at Moorfields. Temporary food markets are set up across London
£1.52 ~ Sept 11th, 1666. Christopher Wren develops plans for regeneration of the City and presents them to King Charles II

  • Note: the depiction of St Paul's Cathedral is of the old, medieval Cathedral in the City of London. A new cathedral was subsequently designed by Sir Christopher Wren and constructed to replace the one destroyed in the Great Fire

Sheet Stamps

1st class x 2 (pair)
£1.05 x 2 (pair)
£1.52 x 2 (pair

First Day Covers

FDC Postmark London EC3
FDC Postmark London EC4

Presentation Pack

Pack (Cover)

PHQ Postcards

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