Germany-DDR 1973 100 years RAW Stendal

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  • Label : "Deutsche Post" of the German Democratic Republic; 1973;

Souvenir postcard to "100 Years of the Railway workshop Stendal 1873-1973" (German "RAW" = "Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk", name 1920 - 1990); The "RAW Stendal" was built in 1873 as "Centralwerkstatt für Lokomotiven und Wagen" for the then "Magdeburger-Halberstädter Eisenbahngesellschaft" as additive to the 1869-1871 built railway station in Stendal. In 1881 changed the owner to the "Preußische Eisenbahnverwaltung" and 1920 to the "Deutsche Reichsbahn". Contemporary this work belongs to the enterprise "ALSTOM". The postcard motive shows the logo of the event in 1973 with a depiction of a steam locomotive of the type DR-BR 50.40 (probably).; The postcard is franked with the stamp Michel No. 1846 from 1973 of the series "railway carriages" showing a passenger car type 47 D/k.; The stamp is postmarked with an one-circle ellipse special postmark of Stendal (contemporary Saxony-Anhalt, Germany), 27-09-1973 with 41.00 mm width.


a) The steam locomotive as the postcard motive is the DR-BR 50-0027-8 of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" (probably). This locomotive was biult 1958 and later reconstructed in Stendal and was handed over from the "RAW Stendal" to the then FDJ (youth organisation) on the 09-04-1973 for their travel to the "X. Weltfestspiele der Jugend und Studenten", 1973 in Berlin (East).
b) The steam locomotive as postmark motive is the DR-BR 35-1023-7 (= type 23.1023) of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" (probably). This locomotive was (temporary) withdrawed from service at 31-12-1973 and after located in the "RAW Stendal". From 1974 onwards this locomotive served as spare parts source in Stendal.

Stamp datas:

  • Catalogue numbers': Michel: No. 1846; Yvert et Tellier: No. 1541; Scott: No. 1464; AFA DD 1588
  • Color : multicolored
  • Watermark : none
  • Nominal value : 10 (Pfennig)
  • Postage validity : 22 May 1973 - 02 October1990
  • Stamp size (printed area without signature line): 60.0 x 19.5 mm
  • Postmark: Stendal (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany), 27-09-1973, one-circle ellipse special postmark with 41 mm width
  • Designed by : Detlef Glinkski (stamp)
  • Printed by : "Deutsche Wertpapierdruckerei", Leipzig (stamp)
  • Print process : Offset printing (stamp)
  • Print run : 6,000,000 (stamps)
  • Perforation : Comb perforation, K 13 : 12½ (stamp)

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Souvenir card to "100 years RAW Stendal", postmarked at "35 Stendal", 27-09-1973