Germany-DDR 1983 Donator figures of the Naumburg cathedral

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  • Label : „Deutsche Post“ of the German Democratic Republic; 1983; commemorative se-tenant of the issue „Donator figures from the Naumburg Cathedral

(issue of 1 se-tenant à 4 different stamps)

Stamp datas:

  • Catalogue numbers : Michel: No. 2808-2811; Yvert & Tellier: No. 2451-2454; Scott: No. 2355-2358 (se-tenant: No. 2358a); AFA: No. 2497-2500
  • Color : multicolored
  • Watermark : none
  • Nominal value : 1.60 (Mark) = 20 – 25 – 35 – 85 (Pfennig)
  • Postage validity : 07 May 1983 – 02 October 1990
  • Designed by : Lothar Grünewald
  • Printed by : „Deutsche Wertpapierdruckerei“, Leipzig
  • Print process : Photogravure on luminescent paper
  • Perforation, Comb perforation, K 13
  • Print run : 3,500,000 se-tenants à 4 different stamps
  • Stamp size (printed area of a single stamp without year line) : 36.5 x 36.0 mm

Commemorative se-tenant of the issue „Donator figures from the Naumburg Cathedral
(issue of 1 se-tenant à 4 different stamps)

Se-tenant, mint

Se-tenant Michel No. 28082811, mint

Se-tenant, postmarked

Se-tenant Michel No. 28082811, postmarked

To the stamp motives:
All stamps shows the life-sized statues of the donators of the Naumburg cathedral (choral polygon of the Western wing) and were created around 1100 by an unknown master from limestone.
- 20 (Pfennig) : „Thimo“ and „Wilhelm“

- meant is Thimo von Kistritz, son of the Count Dietrich (in 1034 murdered on order of Ekkehard II of Meißen); His statue is affronted to the figure of Ekkehard II because of the murdering of his father.
- meant is the Count Wilhelm von Camburg (1089-1116).

- 25 (Pfennig) : „Gepa“ and „Gerburg“

- meant is Gepa, the wife of Wilhelm von Camburg (flied in 1075 with her spouse to the neighbouring slavs)
- other source: Adelheid, Abess of the monastery of Gernrode
- Gerburg, wife of Dietrich von Breha

- 35 (Pfennig) : „Hermann“ and „Reglindis“

- meant is Margrave Hermann, the older brother of Ekkehard II of Meißen (but Ekkehard was political more important)
- meant is Reglindis, the wife of Margrave Hermann, a daughter of the Duke and King Boleslaw I of Poland

- 85 (Pfennig) : “Ekkehard“ and „Uta“

- meant is Margrave Ekkehard II of Meißen, former Count in the district of Chutizi and in the „Burgward“ of Teuschern. He was since 1034 also Margrave of the Lusitia and from 1038 onwards Margrave of Meißen. He was the grand-grand father of Albrecht the Bear (one of the founders of the Mark Brandenburg).
- meant is Margravine Uta von Ballenstedt, wife of Ekkehard II, she shows her peasant-like spouse the cold shoulder on the coved side of her body and also the for sculptures important lines (feet, waist, breast, shoulder, eyes) are diverging from the Ekkehard-figure, whereas Ekkehard‘s lines converge, what is illustrating the real conditions in this marriage.