Germany-DDR 1985 HABRIA'85

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  • Label : "Deutsche Post" of the German Denocratic Republic; 1985; souvenir envelope to the stamp exhibition "VIth HABRIA'85"; This stamp exhibition "6th Havelländische Briefmarkenausstellung (HABRIA)" under the special topic "Prussian Postal History" took place in Falkensee (Brandenburg, Germany) in the time 05 July1985 - 06 July1985. The additional envelope motive is showing an blue-yellow mail box of the Prussian Post over the old club house of Falkensee and inscriptions.; The envelope is franked with the definitive stamp of the GDR, Michel No. 2485v from 1980 (little format) of the series "Aufbau in der DDR", showing the then Lenin-monument on the then "Lenin Square" in Berlin (contemporary "Square of the United Nations" in Berlin-Friedrichshain).; The stamp is postmarked with a circle-subsegment special postmark of 1540 Falkensee]] , 06-07-1985 eith double arch upper and below. This postmark has a width of 35.0 mm and a high of 40.0 mm and shows as central motive the oldest known postmark of the "Royal Prussian Post-Expedition" of Seegefeld (then a separate village, contemporary a part of Falkensee) beside inscriptions

Stamp datas

  • Catalogue numbers : Michel: No. 2485v; Yvert et Tellier: No. 2148; Scott: No. 2074; AFA: No. 2211 (= little format)
  • Color : rose carmine to dark rose lilac on luminescent paper
  • Watermark : none
  • Nominal value : 20 (Pfennig)
  • Postage validity : 29 January 1980 - 02 October 1990< />
  • Stamp picture size (printed area of a single stamp): 21.5 x 17.5 mm
  • Postmark: 1540 Falkensee (then district of Potsdam, contemporary Brandenburg, Germany); 06-07-1985; one-circle subsegment special postmark with 35.0 mm width and 40.0 mm high
  • Designed by : Manfred Gottschall (1937-2015) (stamp)
  • Printed by : "Deutsche Wertpapierdruckerei", Leipzig (stamp)
  • Print process : Recess printing (stamp)
  • Perforation : comb perforation, K 14¼ : 14 (stamp)

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Souvenir envelope to the VIth HABRIA'85", postmarked in Falkensee, 06-07-1985