Greece 1996 FRAMA labels Centenary of Modern Olympic Games

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 25th March 1996
  • five values of FRAMA gummed machine label in common design
  • Printed by : FRAMA vending machine, in magenta
  • Perforations : none (imperforate)
  • label format (approximate, as it varies) height 32mm x width 40mm
  • white paper, gummed

Greece. Centenary of the Modern Olympic Games. FRAMA labels

Vending Machine Labels (FRAMA machine)

  • vended by machine in various denominations as selected by purchaser
  • common design of Olympic rings, laurels, title of Greek posts, denomination (with leading zeros)
  • FRAMA indicates the trading name of the Swiss company who devised/supplied the machine
  • philatelic sets were pre-assembled (five denominations)

0080, 0120, 0150, 0350, 0400 (set of five)

mint FRAMA labels

mint Framas 080 0120 0150 0350 0400