Guatemala 2012 Expiration of the 13th Ba'kt'un of Mayan Calendar

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 13th December 2012 (also reported as released 24th September 2012)
  • nine values, and a booklet
  • Designed by : Ziomara de León, from photographs
  • Printing: TNGA (Taller Nacional de Grabados en Acero)
  • Print process : lithography
  • Perforations : 12½ x 12½ (line)

Expiration of the 13th Ba’kt’un of the Mayan (long count) Calendar

Q1.00 ~ inscised calendar stone, with ‘hand of calendar scribe’
Q2.00 ~ the ‘Leiden plate’ (inscised stele) with Mayan date 320
Q3.00 ~ anthropomorphological creatures in wall carving from Quiriguá (ancient site)
Q4.00 ~ hand with pelota glove and calendar stone
Q5.00 ~ pelota player
Q5.00 ~ carved god figure, from Quiriguá
Q8.00 ~ stele, from Quiriguá
Q10.00 ~ calendar relief (porter)
Q10.00 ~ walls of Mixco Viejo, capital of the Poqomam Maya in modern Chimaltenango Department

Guatemala20111213 Mayan long calendar a.jpg
Guatemala20111213 Mayan long calendar b.jpg
Guatemala20111213 Mayan long calendar c.jpg