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Günzburg is a Große Kreisstadt (20,038 inhabitants end 2015) and capital of the district of Günzburg in Swabia, Bavaria. This district was constituted in 1972 by combining the city of Günzburg – which had not previously been assigned to a Kreis (district) – with the district of Günzburg and the district of Krumbach.

Günzburg lies where the river Günz enters the Danube.

In April 1945, near the end of the Second World War, the city of Günzburg was bombed by the allies. Among other targets that were severely damaged or destroyed were the nearby town of Denzingen, the castle, and a munitions train that was in the train station.

Günzburg belonged to RPD Augsburg/München, PLZ 13b, in the American Zone of occupation.

It used stamps issued by the Bavaria (Bayern) State until 1920.

Germany Bundespost

Postcode 89312

Allied Occupied Germany

GÜNZBURG d 21.9.45. 13-14

German Empire era

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Bavaria State era

Until 31 March 1920.

The GUENZBURG post office opened in 1826 (in Exp. umgewandelt). It used numerals 116 and 173 (after 1857) within a mill wheel (Mühlrad).