Guernsey 2001 Island Colours

From Stamps of the World
  • GY stamps originally cost 22p and UK stamps originally cost 27p.
  • Issued: 26th April 2001
  • Designed by Sally Diamond
  • Printed by: Joh Enschedé of Holland
  • Print Process: Offset Lithography (Sheetlet + Booklets) and Rolls (Photogravure)
  • Printed in Booklets of 10 (GY x 10) and (UK x 10). Sheetlet of 10 (5 GY + 5 UK) found in the Presentation Pack and Rolls of 100.
  • Stamp size: 29mm x 25mm
  • Perforations Die-cut 14
  • Sold Out: Booklets and Rolls by July 2004 and Sheetlets by May 2007

Sheetlet - Printed by Offset Lithography

Guernsey 2001 Island Colours f.jpg

First Day Cover


Presentation Pack


GY Booklet of 10

GY Booklet Cover
GY Booklet of 10
GY Booklet of 10 FDC

UK Booklet of 10

UK Booklet Cover
UK Booklet of 10
UK Booklet of 10 FDC

Guernsey Coil Strips - Printed by Photogravure

GY Coil Strip of 5
UK Coil Strip of 5