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Haguenau (French: Haguenau, pronounced: [aɡəno]; Alsatian: Hàwenau [ˈhaːvənaʊ] or Hàjenöi; German: Hagenau) is a commune in the Bas-Rhin department of France, of which it is a sub-prefecture. It is second in size in the Bas-Rhin only to Strasbourg, some 30 km (19 mi) to the south. To the north of the town, the Forest of Haguenau (French: Forêt de Haguenau) is the largest undivided forest in France. Haguenau was founded by German dukes and has swapped back and forth several times between Germany and France over the centuries, with its spelling altering between "Hagenau" and "Haguenau" by the turn. It was last German at the end of World War I, then briefly part of the independent Republic of Alsace-Lorraine before being annexed by France in 1919. Haguenau is a rapidly growing town, its population having increased from 22,644 inhabitants in 1968 to 34,891 inhabitants in 2006. Haguenau's metropolitan area has grown from 43,904 inhabitants in 1968 to 64,562 inhabitants in 2006. Read more here

Postmarks by period

French Second Republic (1848-1852)

1849 cover with grille cancel to Strasbourg (FR)

Second French Empire (December 1852-1871)

1856 cover with PC "1484" diamond cancel
1867 cover with GC "1754" diamond cancel to Perpignan (FR)

German Empire (1871-1918)

1914 censor and cancel on Feldpost
1916 censor and Bischweiler-Haguenau cancel on 138th Infanterie-Regiment Feldpost
1917 censor marking on Geneva (CH) cover

French Third Republic

1925 cancel Stampset.png
1940 Phony War stampless French Army Post Haguenau Fortified Sector registered cover

German Occupation (1940-1945)

1941 cover with occupation overprint to Strasbourg (FR)

French Republic(s) (1946-present)

1947 cover to Strasbourg (FR)

Commemorative Postmarks

20th music festival 21 Jun 2001