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Heidelberg is a city (156,267 inhabitants end 2015) situated on the River Neckar in south-west Germany. The fifth-largest town in the State of Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Freiburg im Breisgau, Heidelberg is part of the densely populated Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region.

Heidelberg consists of 15 districts distributed in six sectors of the town. In the central area are Altstadt (the Old Town), Bergheim and Weststadt; in the north, Neuenheim and Handschuhsheim; in the east, Ziegelhausen and Schlierbach; in the south, Südstadt, Rohrbach, Emmertsgrund, and Boxberg; in the southwest, Kirchheim; in the west, Pfaffengrund, Wieblingen, and a new district, named Bahnstadt, is built on land in Weststadt and Wieblingen.

Postmarks in Germany

Meter cancel 1978
Meter cancel from Heidelberg, postal code 69115, 2003.

Allied Occupation Postmarks

Heidelberg belonged to RPD Karlsruhe, PLZ 17a, in the American Zone of occupation.

Heidelberg 1 ac 31.10.46 Last Day cancel for AM Post issues
HEIDELBERG 1 i 11.7.46
Heidelberg 1 ao Handrollerstempel 04.6.46
Heidelberg 1 ai Handrollerstempel 3.7.46 set vertically
(17a)Heidelberg 1 an Maschinenstempel 13.6.46

Slogan Cancels

17a HEIDELBERG 1 an "Zur Ortsangabe gehört stets die POSTLEITZAHL" (Bochmann Nr. 416)

Special Cancels

Heidelberg (DE) aog.jpg

Postmarks in German Empire

After 31 December 1871.

HEIDELBERG I 12 7 34 2-3N Reichsfestspiele HEIDELBERG 15.JULI-15.AUG.
Kinder in Not
HEIDELBERG I 27 4 33 10-11V Bekämpft die Arbeitsnot kauft Deutsche Waren - Fight the labor shortage buy German goods
Bridge in 1901.
Bridge HEIDELBERG 1d in 1904.
Bridge HEIDELBERG 1k in 1913.
Bridge in 1917.

Postmarks of Grand Duchy of Baden

Heidelberg was a District, code 57. HEIDELBERG sub-offices (Postablagen) were opened at Carlsthor, Edingen and Ziegelhausen. The postmark DE HEIDELBERG is known since 1723.

5 Rings Numeral 57 on the 1860 issue Mi10a
5 Rings Numeral 57 on the 1861 issue Mi12
Numeral 24 special Zacken on the 1861 issue Mi11a
Antiqua DC on the 1862 issue.
Grotesk DC on the 1862 issue.
Grotesk circle with expedition on the 1862 issue.
Grotesk circle on the 1 KR 1868 issue.
Grotesk circle on the 3 KR 1868 issue.

Covers of Baden

Cover to Smyrne with 3 & 9 kr in 1863. Sold 3,800 SF in 2000.
Postal stationery (Umschlag) type 1866 with Antiqua DC.
Cover to Constantinopel with 3 & 7 KR in 1871. Sold 1,700 SF in 2000.