Help:Add a First Day Cover

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One of the goals of SOTW is to show as much about a stamp set as possible and that includes First Day Covers.

Adding a First Day Cover can be done with the following code :

==First Day Cover==
|[[File:Country Year Title FDC.jpg|thumb|450px|FDC]]
  • Change the Country, Year, Title to the set you are currently working on.

Now lets do it step by step :

  • Go to the page you want to add a FDC and click edit.

FDC step 01.jpg

  • In the edit box add the code for a FDC under the stamp code remembering to set change the Country, Year, Title.

FDC step 02.jpg

  • Click Save Page

FDC step 03.jpg

  • The code will now have placed a header for "First Day Cover" and then a Red image link. These red links now allow you to easily add an image to the Wiki.

FDC step 04.jpg

  • Click on the Red Image link and then Browse to find the file on your system.
  • Under summary you can place a link to where you got the file or a link back to your website. Eg. Image Source : My Website
  • Click the Upload file button to complete the upload.

FDC step 05.jpg

  • The Image page will appear with your image and then there will be a File Usage link at the bottom you can use to go back to the Stamp Set page to see your uploaded file on the page.

FDC step 06.jpg

  • Congratulations you have now added a First Day Cover to the page and improved the info available on the WIKI.

FDC step 07.jpg

If you have any further questions leave us a message on the Discussion of this page or use the contact form on the left menu.