Help:Glossary of Terms

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In Short

  • Create page with Term title
  • Edit page with defintion
  • Add Term to the category - Glossary of Terms
  • Save and Submit page

Step 1 - Getting there

The category for glossary can be found under the following category tree:

StampsOfTheWorld --> Reference Guide --> Glossary of Terms

It is also linked on the main page under navigating the site.

Step 2 - Choosing your term

Create New Page within Category

Any philatelic term that you feel will be of use to other collectors both new and old can be submitted. Once you have chosen your term you need to create your page.

This can be done on the category page using the "Create an Article to this Category" input box on the Glossary of Terms category page. Using this method will automatically categorise your term to this category. Once your term is entered click the submit button. You will then be directed to the edit page for your term.

Step 3 - Edit your Page and Save

Once on the edit page you can input your definition. Make sure that at the bottom of edit box you have [[Category:Glossary of Terms]] - This will ensure your page is correctly categorised. Scroll down and click the Save Button to complete your entry.