Help:Upload Pages in Bulk

From Stamps of the World

Are we lacking somewhere? Would you like to help add multiple pages to the WIKI rather than wait for them to be created? New pages are created daily on the wiki but as you can imagine this is no easy task - follow these steps to help us batch create pages on the wiki.

Every page on the wiki shares some basic information - we can create a simple csv file with all this information and upload it in one go saving heaps of time.

The Layout

Use your favourite spread application and create the following headers.

  • ID
  • Country
  • Year
  • Order ID (The order the set came out in that year - eg 01 for the first set of the year, 06 for the sixth set for the year)
  • Title
  • Date of Issue
  • Designed By
  • Printed By
  • Print Process
  • Perforations
  • NOS (Number of Stamps)
  • Stamp 01 (Value on the first stamp of the set)
  • Stamp 02 (Value on the second stamp of the set)
  • Stamp 03 (Keep creating Stamp Columns to match the number of stamps in the set)
  • Stamp 04 and create as many columns as there are stamps in the sets.

Those items in bold are required columns. Although the Stamp Value Columns are optional they do help users when uploading images for a set.

Bulk File CSV.jpg

Use the "Contact Us" link on the left menu to let us know that you are interested in bulk creating pages. This will also allow us to email you directly with any further information. In your initial contact let us know what country/region you are interested in - we wouldn't want two users working on the same info at the same time. Once we have received your data we will usually upload the information within 24 hours.

Looking forward to hearing from you!