Hungary 1871 Franz Joseph

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  • Issue Date: 1871 May 1
  • Designed by J. Unrein
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Lithographed (provisional) - Engraved (definitive)
  • Perforations: 9²

Valid until end 1876.

Litho May 1871

Valid until 31 December 1876.

File:Hungary 1871 Franz Joseph a.jpg
2k deep yellow, test issue
2k orange, Grotesk circle in Croatia. Mi1a
2k yellow Mi1b
3k green, Fingerhut circle in Serbia. Mi2
5k rose, ornamented DC in Hungary. Mi3a
5k used in Croatia with year 1871 & Pm. Mi3
10k blue circle in Slovakia with year 1871. Mi4a
10k red fingerhut with year 1871 in Croatia. Sold 650 SF in 1996.
10k ornamented DC in Serbia. Mi4a
15k brown circle at BUDA in 1872. Mi5
25k violet Mi6


Cover with 3 kr. Mi2


The 25 kr is very light sensitive.

5k type agEj in Hungary, in June 1872. Mi10a
5k type agEj in Hungary, in Oct 1872.
5k type aE in Serbia.
5k blue Grotesk in 1874 in Slovakia.
5k brick-red bilingual cancelled in Croatia. Mi10b
10k used in Hungary. Mi11
25k violet Mi13
25k used in Slovakia. Mi13

1883 reprint

Perforated 11², watermark, anilin colours.

25 k reprint in 1883.