Hungary 1888 Numerals

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  • Issue Date: 1888 June 1 to 1898
  • Designed by:
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Typography, background colour lines (except 1 kr) litho. Values are black or red.
  • Perforations: 11² or 12:11²
  • Watermark: kr in ovals (SG W3, Mi Wz.1)
  • Catalogue N°s Michel 27A-40A (perf 11²), 27B-39B. Yvert 23-36 (A) ou(B).

Stamps perforated 11²

The 1 kr has been issued in 1890 in one pass.

1k used Mi27A.
1k bridge in Romania Mi27A.
5k circle in Hungary Mi30A.
8k circle at BERZO in Romania Mi31A
8k circle at PAULIS in Romania Mi31A
12k frame at ZENGG in Croatia Mi33A
24k circle at VERÖCSE in Croatia Mi36A.
50k circle in Serbia Mi38A.
50k ornamented bridge at ZOMBOR in Serbia Mi38A.

Stamps perforated 12:11²

Issued in 1888-1891

1 krajczár used at Sannicolau Mare (RO) in Romania in 1895. Mi27B.
1 kr pair used in Budapest in 1895. Mi27IIB (one pass print).
5k 1891 issue used in Slovakia.
5k 1891 circle used at Bekescsaba (HU) in Hungary in 1894. Mi30B.
5k bridge at Brasov (RO) in Romania in 1895. Mi30B.
5k bridge at Novi Sad (RS) in Serbia. Mi30B.
5k circle in APÁCZA Mi30B.
8k Antiqua circle at Verpelet (HU) in Hungary in 1891. Mi31B.
8k Grotesk circle in at Abony (HU) Hungary in 1894. Mi31B.
12k circle at Kiskoeroes (HU) in Hungary in 1890 Mi33B.
15k bilingual at Sremska Mitrovica (RS) in Serbia in 1889.
15k circle in Romania in 1892. Mi34B.
15k bridge in Budapest in 1894. Mi34B.
15k bridge at Mezoekovacshaza (HU) in Hungary in 1895. Mi34B.
30k Antiqua/Grotesk in Slovakia.
30k circle at Temerin (RS) in Serbia in 1895. Mi37B.
30k circle at Debrecen (HU) in Hungary in 1896. Mi37B.

Issued in 1898

3k green bridge in Budapest 80 Mi29B
20k grey circle at DÁRDA in Croatia in 1898 Mi35B