Hungary 1908 Turul and King Francis - New Watermark

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  • Issue Dates: 1908 July 1 to 1913 (16 f)
  • Designed by: see 1900
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process:
  • Perforations: 15
  • Watermarks: Michel Wz.5 or 6, SG W10, modified (rectangular) crown.
  • Catalogue N°s Michel 91-107, Yvert 72-88

Valid until end 1917.

Used stamps

1 fillér grey, Mi91
2f olive-yellow
3f orange, bridge in 1910 in Hungary. Mi93
5f pale green, bridge in 1912 in Romania. Mi94
16f issue 1913
30f brown-orange, circle in 1911 in Austria. Mi101
30f bridge in Hungary.
30f bridge in 1914 in Croatia.
35f lilac, circle in 1912 in Hungary.
50f lilac-red
60f olive, circle at AKASZTÓ in 1909 in Hungary. Mi104
60f bridge in 1912 in Ukraine.
60f circle at SZEPES VÁRALLYA in 1913 in Slovakia.
60f bridge in 1913 at SUSAK in Croatia.
60f bridge at Veszpremin 1913 in Hungary.
1 korona used in 1916 in Romania. Mi105
2k bridge in 1911 in Croatia.