Hungary 1946 Inflation Provisionals

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Any. 1 on 1f
Hlp 1 on 8p on 20f
Hl 1 on 50f
Tlp 1 on 4f
Tl 1 on 10f
Ajl 1 on 20f
Cs. 5-1 on 30f
Cs. 5-1 on 70f
Cs. 10-1 on 70f
Cs. 10-1 on 80f
Any. 2 on 1f
Hlp 2 on 8p on 20f
Hl 2 on 40f on 10f
Tlp 2 on 4f
Tl 2 on 10f on 4f
Ajl 2 on 12f
Cs. 5-2 on 24f
Cs. 10-2 on 80f
Nyomtatv. 20gr. on 60f on 8f
Helyi lev.-lap on 20f
Helyi level on 10f
Tavolsagi lev.-lap on 4f
Tavolsagi level on 18f
Ajanlas on 24f
Csomag 5 kg on 2p on 4f
Csomag 10kg. on 30f