Ireland 2015 The Five Senses

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 10th September 2015
  • five values
  • Designed by : Zinc Design Consultants
  • Printed by : Cartor, France
  • Print processes : lithography, with embellishments
  • Perforations :

The Five Senses

70c ~ taste. Mouth with protruding tongue. Stamp has strawberry flavoured gum
1.05€ ~ touch. Hand with extended forefinger making rubbing motion. Hand has thermochromatic ink which changes colour when warmed by touch
1.25€ ~ sight: Eye. Stamp design printed in black on transparent ‘paper’
1.70€ ~ hearing. Ear. Stamp thermographically printed with raised lacquer layer over ear, to create a sound when rubbed
2.80€ ~ smell. Nose. Stamp surface is impregnated with a mint fragrance
The 70c, 1.05€, 1.70€ and 2.80€ are gummed in normal sheets. The 1.25€ is selfadhesive, and clear transparent when pulled away from its white backing paper

Sheet stamps