Isle of Man 1986 Manx Heritage

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  • Stamps were only available from Booklets (50p & £1.14p) or Special Booklet Sheets Sold to Customers on Request.
  • Issued: 10th April 1986
  • Design: Colleen Corlett
  • Printed by: Harrison of High Wycombe
  • Print Process: Offset Lithography
  • Sheet Size: 60 Containing 10 Booklet Panes 6 (2 y 3). Panes of 6 arranged 5 by 2.
  • Stamp Size: 21mm x 24.5mm
  • Perforations 14½ x 14.0
  • Withdrawn: 25th March 1987
  • Illustrations using the 1980 Booklet Panes are shown on the Booklet Pane FDC's
  • For the other panes which were used to make up the booklets, see Isle of Man 1980 Booklet Stamps & Panes

Booklet Stamps

Booklet Stamps

First Day Cover


Presentation Pack



50p (Front Cover)
50p (Rear Cover)
£1.14p (Front Cover)
£1.14p (Rear Cover)
  • The 50p Booklet contained a 30p Pane (see below-right hand pane) the other 20p (1p,4p & 5p) came from a pane via the 1980 Booklet Sheet. Click on: Isle of Man 1980 Booklet Stamps
  • The £1.14p Booklet contained both Panes below (74p) plus both 20p panes via the 1980 Booklet Sheet. Click on:Isle of Man 1980 Booklet Stamps
  • Examples of ALL the panes used are found on the Booklet Pane First Day Covers below.

Booklet Panes

Booklet Panes

Booklet Sheet

Booklet Sheetlet (10 Panes). Exists with Cylinder Nos. 1A x 7 or 1B x 7

Booklet Panes First Day Cover

Panes from Sheetlet

Booklets First Day Covers

£1.14p Booklet