Isle of Man 2008 Interceltique

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 12th May 2008,
  • Designed by: Peter Jones Design
  • Printed by: Lowe Martin, Canada
  • Print Process: Offset Lithography
  • Sheet Format: 10 (2 by 5)
  • Stamp Size:
  • Perforations 13.50
  • Withdrawn: 11th May 2009
  • Notes: flags of the Celtic linguistic community, although the Celtic language has died out in Asturias and Galicia.
  • Also 'Europa' Logo shown on 31p and 50p stamps.
  • A set of eight postcards (with 8 different imprinted inidicia) were also released on 1st August 2008.

Sheet Stamps

20p Kernow (Cornwall)
30p Mannin (Isle of Man)
31p Alba (Gaelic lands of Scotland)
48p Breizh (Brittany)
50p Èire (shows flag of Republic of Ireland)
56p Asturies (Asturias)
72p Cymru (Wales)
£1.13p (Galicia)

First Day Cover


Presentation Pack

Pack (Cover)

Miniature Sheet

  • The miniature sheet was released on the opening day (1st August) of the Interceltique Festival in Lorient, France
  • Sheet Size: height 210mm x width 174mm
Isle of Man 2008 Interceltique. MS.jpg