Italian Egeo 1940 Overseas-Exhibition

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  • Edition : ""Poste del Rego Italia"", commemorative stamp for the Italian Egeo Islands (general issues), issue to the "1st Triannual Exhibition of Italy's Overseas Possessions" (original title: "1e Mostra Triennale delle terre italiane d'Oltremare"); This exhibition took place in Naples 1940 in the months directly after the Italian conquest of Ethiopia. (1940 = the year 18 (XVIII) of the Fascist calendar)
  • Issue Date : 03 June 1940
  • Catalogue Numbers : Michel: No. 192; Yvert & Tellier: No. 59
  • Colors: brown
  • Watermark: Italy No. 1 (crown)
  • Nominal Values : 5 Cent. (Centesimi)
  • Designed by : Guiseppe Rondini (1881-1955)
  • Printed by : "IPS Carte Valori", Rome ("IPS"=" Istituto Poligrafico di Stato")
  • Print Process : rotogravure
  • Perforation : block perforation, B 14
  • Stamp Size : (printed area of a single stamp): 21.0 x 37.0 mm
  • Print Run : 50,000 stamps in sheets à 50 stamps

Commemorative stamp of the Italian Egeo Islands to the issue for the "1st Triannual Exhibition of Italy's Overseas Possessions"

5 Cent.: The stamp motive shows a column with the Roman She-wolf (with "Romulus and Remus") over a Royal coat of arms of Savoy (official coat of arms of Italy). The then location of the depicted column is unknown, but it was located then also a similar column in the same style in Tripoli (Libya).