Italy 1921 3rd Anniversary of Victory

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  • Edition : "Poste del Regno d'Italia"; commemorative stamps of the issue "3º anniversario della Vittoria"; meant is the 3rd anniversary of the "Battle of Vittorio Veneto" which launched on the 24th October, 1918 and which ended with a defeat of an army of the axis powers and which gave Italy a permanent seat in the Council of the League of Nations. (In this battle fought Italian military units on the side of the Entente against an army of the Axis Powers under the leadership of Austria-Hungary.) The stamp shows the so-called “Victory of Brescia”-sculpture with a 4-lines inscription “VITTORIO VENETO / XXIV / OTTOBRE / MCMXVIII”.
  • Catalogue Numbers: Michel: No. 144-147; Yvert et Tellier: No. 113-116; Scott: No. 136-139
  • Issue Date : 01 November 1921
  • Color : green - red - grey - blue
  • Watermark : Italy No. 1 (crown)
  • Nominal Value : 5 Cent. (Centesimi) - 10 Cent. (Centesimi) - 15 Cent. (Centesimi) - 25 Cent. (Centesimi)
  • Postage Validity : to 31-12-1922
  • Designed by : Alberto Repettati (design + engraving)
  • Printed by : "Officina Carte Valori", Turin
  • Print Process : letterpress printing
  • Perforations : line perforation, L 14
  • Stamp Size : (printed area of a single stamp): 22.5 x 27.0 mm
  • Print Run : each 850,000 stamps in sheets à 50 stamps
  • Variants : print and perforation varieties are known

Commemorative stamp of the issue "3º anniversario della Vittoria"

Michel No. 144, postmarked, 5 C.
Michel No. 145, postmarked, 10 C.
Michel No. 146, postmarked, 15 C.
Michel No. 147, postmarked, 25 C.

The stamp motive shows a Roman marble sculpture depicting the "Winged Aphrodite reflected in the shield of Ares". This Roman sculpture is a marble copy of an Hellenistic bronze template from the 3rd century BC.. This sculpture was unearthed in or near Brescia in 1826 and is contemporary located in the archaeological museum "Santa Guilia" in Brescia under the name "Vittoria alata detta di Brescia". However at the contemporary showed sculpture is lacking the shield.