Jersey 2020 Post & Go - Christmas - Stay Safe

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 1st December 2020
  • Designed by : Lizzie Harper
  • Printed by : Walsall Security Printers (base label)
  • Print Process : Offset. Indicia and location identifier thermally printed within a Royal Mail Series II Post & Go machine.
  • Stamp format: height 25mm x width 59mm
  • Perforations : Die Cut 14.25
  • Scheduled to be Withdrawn: 24th December 2020
Service Cost when Issued
Local Letter 100g 54p
UK Letter 100g 70p
Europe 100g 84p
Local Large 100g 88p
Rest of World 100g £1.05p
UK Large 100g £1.18p
Total Cost £5.19p
  • A 50p dispensing fee is added when requesting labels from Machine 'JE03'
  • This fee is waived when supplied by Bureau Machine 'B002" or accessing 'JE03' directly

Jersey Flowers - Wishing you a Safe Christmas

  • Issued from Machine JE03
Local Letter
UK Letter
Europe Letter
Local Large
Rest of the World
UK Large

First Day Cover