Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika 1960 Definitives

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date: 1st October 1960 - 1962
  • Designed by: M. Goaman
  • Printed by: De La Rue
  • Print Process: Photogravure (5c to 65c), Recess (others)
  • Watermark: Multiple St. Edward's Crown Block CA
  • Perforations: 15 x 14 (5c to 65c), 13 (20s) or 14 (others)
5cSisal Plant
10c Cotton Plant
15c Coffee Plant
20c Blue Wilderbeast / Gnu
25c Ostrich
30c Thompson's Gazelle
40c Manta Ray
50c Common Zebra
65c Cheetah
20s QEII
1s Mount Kenya and Giant Plants
1s.30 Murchison Falls and Hippopotamus
2s Mount Kilimanjaro and Giraffe
2s.50 Candelabra Tree and Black Rhinoceros
5s Crater Lake and Mountains of the Moon
10s Ngorongoro Crater and African Buffalo