Kettwig (DE)

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In 1946.
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Kettwig is the southernmost borough ((18.126 inhabitants end March 2020) of the city of Essen in western Germany and, until 1975, was a town in its own right. Kettwig is situated next to the Ruhr river. It is the most recently incorporated borough of Essen and also the largest in area (15.3 km²). It belongs to district Stadtbezirk IX Werden/Kettwig/Bredeney with Bredeney, Schuir, Werden, Heidhausen, Fischlaken, Kettwig.

Postmarks in Germany

Postal code 45219

Allied Occupation

Kettwig (DE) a.jpg

Postmarks in German Empire

Circle KETTWIG in 1891.
Bridge KETTWIG in 1922.

Postmarks in North German Confederation (1868-1871)

Postmarks in Prussia Rhineland province

KETTWIG used a code 717, Kreis Essen, District of Düsseldorf.

Postmark Examples