Krzeszowice (PL)

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Krzeszowice (pronounced [kʂɛʂɔˈvʲit͡sɛ] ) is a town (10,238 inhabitants mid 2014) in southern Poland, in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, located in southern part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, with numerous caves and valleys in the area. Krzeszowice belongs to Kraków Metropolitan Area. In 1928–1966 the town had the status of a spa. The town has a railway station, on a major route from Kraków to Katowice, and lies along National Road Nr. 79, which goes from Warsaw to Bytom. Historically, in the Austrian Galicia crownland.

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Postmark in Poland

Postal code 32-065

Postmarks in Austria-Hungary (1867-1918)

Circle in 1888.

Postmarks in Austrian Empire Galicia province

The KRZESZOWICE post office opened before 1850, District of Chrzanow.

Ornamented DC on a 1858 newspaper stamp.
Circle on a 1863 newspaper stamp.