Magdeburg (DE)

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Magdeburg is the capital city (231,021 inhabitants end 2013) of the Bundesland of Saxony-Anhalt. Magdeburg is situated on the Elbe River and was one of the most important medieval cities of Europe.

Meter cancel Magdeburg 1936
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Emperor Otto I, the first Holy Roman Emperor, founder of the archbishopric of Magdeburg, was buried in the town's cathedral after his death. Magdeburg's version of German town law, known as Magdeburg rights, spread throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The city is also well known for the 1631 Sack of Magdeburg, which hardened Protestant resistance during the Thirty Years' War; and for the experience the Magdeburg hemispheres designed by the mayor of Magdeburg, Otto von Guericke, in 1656 to demonstrate the concept of atmospheric pressure.

Postmarks in re-unified Germany

Michel No. 1511, postmarked at "39104 Magdeburg", 18-12-1996

Postmarks in the German Democratic Republic

National Stamp Exhibition of the GDR, Day of the youth, 6 Nov 1969

Postmarks in the Soviet Occupation Zone

Michel No. 75X, 5 Pfennig, perforate, postmarked in "Magdeburg", 17-12-(1945 ?)

Postmarks in German Reich

Bridge in 1906
In 1918
Michel No. 466, circle at "Magdeburg", 17-05-1933
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Circle in 1943

Meter cancels (all periods)

Meter cancel Magdeburg 1936

Postmarks in the North German Confederation


Postmarks in Prussia Saxony province

MAGDEBURG Kreis used a Postal code 906, District of Magdeburg.

BAHNHOF in 1858ca.
EPB (Eisenbahn Post Bureau) in 1865.

Postmarks in special postal districts of Magdeburg


Post office opened in July 1856, Kreis Wanzleben, code 1844. Incorporated in the city in 1887.

Box BUCKAU in 1861ca.