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Malmö is Sweden's third largest city by population (318,107 inhabitants in 2014) after Stockholm and Gothenburg. It is the capital of Skåne County. Together with Copenhagen, it constitutes the transnational Øresund Region. Malmö was one of the earliest and most industrialized towns of Scandinavia, but it struggled with the adaptation to post-industrialism. Since the construction of the Øresund bridge, Malmö has undergone a major transformation with architectural developments, attracting new biotech and IT companies, and particularly students through Malmö University, founded in 1998. The city contains many historic buildings and parks, and is also a commercial centre for the western part of Scania. Malmö was ranked #4 in Grist Magazine's "15 Green Cities" list in 2007. Malmö is thought to have been founded in 1275, as a fortified quay or ferry berth of the Archbishop of Lund, some 20 km (12 miles) to the north-east. It was for centuries Denmark's second biggest city. Its original name was Malmhaug (with alternate spellings), meaning "Gravel pile" or "Ore Hill". In the 15th century, Malmö became one of Denmark's largest and most frequented cities, reaching a population of approximately 5,000 inhabitants. It became the most important city around the Øresund, with the German Hanseatic League frequenting it as a marketplace, notable for its flourishing herring fishing. During that time, the city arms were granted in 1437 by King Eric of Pomerania. It was based on Eric's own arms from Pomerania: argent with a griffin gules. It gave the griffin's head to Malmö, eventually this extended to the entire province of Scania.

Postmark Examples

20th Century

MALMO ★ 2 Lbr Type 46 d1 cancel in 1919
MALMO 1 PAK R packet cancel in 1938

19th Century

MALMÖ in 1866
MALMÖ POST in 1886.
Circle MALMÖ POST in 1888
Dotted circle MALMÖ on the 1893 Official issue


MALMO 3 ★ A ★ 1938
MALMO 4 ★ A ★ 1942
MALMO 5 ★ 1959
MALMO 6 ★ A ★ 1959
MALMO 7 ★ in 1951
MALMO 10 ★ A ★ 1955
Malmo 1 with slogan. 1926

Meter cancels

Meter cancel Malmo 1929
Meter cancel Malmo 1937
Meter cancel 1948
Meter cancel Malmo 1953
Meter cancel Malmo 1956
Meter cancel Malmo 1977
Meter cancel Malmo 1978
Meter cancel 1981
Meter cancel Malmo 1986
Meter cancel Malmo 1986
Meter cancel Malmo 1987
Meter cancel Malmo 1988
Meter cancel Malmo 1991
Meter cancel Malmo 1995
Meter cancel Malmo 1997
Meter cancel Malmo 1998

Postal Cards & Covers

Malmo Cover a.jpg
Foreign postcard from Malmö 27.10.1893 to Berlin (arrival postmark 31.10.1893). It has also been marked with the box cancellation "Aus Schweden per Stralsund" - From Sweden to Stralsund. This postmark was introduced by the Prussian post office and it is documented until 1896.
Letter from Malmö 22.7.1868 via Stralsund and Berlin to Stettin. Postage 40 öre franked 2 x 20 öre Type Lying Lion. Postage to this part of Germany was 40 öre 1865-1869. Private FRANCO postmark on the front. Malmö was the Swedish harbour for the line to Stralsund from May 1, 1868 until 1897 when the line Trelleborg-Sassnitz was opened.
Foreign postcard from Malmö 6.9.1896 to Stepenitz in Pommern 8.9.1896. Transit cancellation Stralsund PAQUEBOT (Hosking 924:D rare). PAQUEBOT postmarks were introduced in 1894 in accordance with a decision from 1892 among the members of UPU. Letters posted on board a ship were thus brought to a post office in the next port of arrival for cancellation.
Advertising for Steamline Stralsund Malmo, 1896. A collaboration between the German shipowner Heinr.Israêl and the Swedish AF Hörstedt.
Letter sent to Malmö from aboard ship of the Lûbeck-Köpenhamn-Malmö steam route1871
Steamships Malmö and Kjøbenhavn in Malmö harbor in 1903. Kjøbenhavn was introduced when Steam Post commenced in 1895 and Malmö was introduced five years later in 1900.
Malmö cover sent to Denmark 1862
20 ore letter sent from Malmo to Riga, via Stralsund steamship line.
Malmo Postal Card sent to Berlin then redirected to Dusseldorf via Stralsund steamship line.1891

Display Pages of Cancels

Printed Matter from Stockholm Stockholm via Malmo picked up from the wreckage of steamship Gefion wreck in a collision in 1901 en-route to Copenhagen.
The second image is of Railway Mail cancels.

Malmo to Kopenshamn (Copenhagen) Seapost retrieved from wreckage. Malmo Seapost
Straight Line cancel types of Malmö
Malmö normal cancellation number 7 type 1 and 2.
Malmö - Kobenjhaven Seapost
Malmö - Kobenjhaven Seapost
Malmö - Kobenjhaven Seapost
Malmö - Kobenjhaven Seapost
Malmö - Kobenjhaven Seapost
Malmö - Kobenjhaven Seapost
Malmö Normal Postmark type 3 & 4
Malmö Normal Postmark type 5 & 6
Malmö Normal Postmark type 7 & 8
Malmö Normal Postmarks Type 10 Postmark sub-type 1 & 2
Malmö Normal Postmarks Type 10 Postmark sub-type 7 & 8
Malmö Parcel Postmarks Type 16 Postmark sub-type 1 & 2
Railway Mail Malmö-Limhamn.

Järnvägspost Railway Post

10.C.NED Nässjö-Malmö
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The 10C cancels were used on the Nässjö-Malmö railway line during 1887 (NED [south] and UPP [north])

Copenhagen-Malmo (Sweden) Sea Post

A Ferry service has operated between Copenhagen and Malmo for many decades mail started to be carried from the 1850's, early mail was marked Fra Sverige M.

Fra Sverige M(almö) Copenhagen to Malmö mail arriving at Copenhagen.
Fra Sverige (From Sweden) Copenhagen-Malmö