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Mannheim is a city (305,780 inhabitants end 2015) in the southwestern part of Germany, the third-largest in the German state of Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. It is divided in 17 Urban Districts: Innenstadt/Jungbusch, Lindenhof, Neckarstadt-Ost, Neckarstadt-West, Neuostheim/Neuhermsheim, Schwetzingerstadt/Oststadt and Feudenheim, Friedrichsfeld, Käfertal, Neckarau, Rheinau, Sandhofen, Seckenheim, Schönau, Vogelstang, Waldhof und Wallstadt. Historically in the Grand Duchy of Baden, head of one province.

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Postmarks in Germany

IRC Germany, Model "Lausannne". Used in Mannheim 1983. File: International Reply Coupons

Meter cancels All Periods

Meter cancel Mannheim 1934
Meter cancel Mannheim 1972
Meter cancel Mannheim 2008

Unified Germany

Federal music festival of the railroaders, 15 Jun 2001

Federal Republic of Germany

MANNHEIM 2 with flame NATIONALTHEATER in 1962.

Postmarks in Allied Occupied Germany

MANNHEIM 1 r 22.3.46.-18.
MANNHEIM 1 m -6.12.45.-13.


Correctly franked to pay the distant letter Drucksache rate of 6Pfg cancelled 22.3.46 Mannheim

Postmarks in German Empire

After 31 December 1871.

Bridge in 1894
Bridge in 1907
Bridge in 1919, early use in Weimar Republic.
Empty bridge at "Mannheim", 29-07-1922
Michel No. 269, empty bridge at "Mannheim" 17-08-1923
Michel No. 286a; empty bridge at "Mannheim", 17-08-1923
Bridge on 19-09-23
DC in 1935
Bridge in 1935

Cards and covers

MANNHEIM 2 in 1915

Postmarks of Grand Duchy of Baden

Linear postmarks MANNHEIM are known since 1793; V:MANNHEIM since 1776. Later code 87. Postablagen were opened at FEUDENHEIM, KÄFERTHAL, NECKARAU, SECKENHEIM and WALLSTADT.

5 rings 87
Mannheim (DE) BN b.jpg

Stampless covers

Turned Covers are covers that are initially sent to one address and then returned using the same paper but turned inside-out and posted back or onwards to a location.

Turned Mannheim Stampless Cover - Calw Cancel - October 16th. 1847
Turned Mannheim Stampless Cover - Mannheim Cancel: October 21st. 1847
Turned Mannheim Stampless Cover - Calw Side - Cancel: October 16th. 1847
Turned Mannheim Stampless Cover - Mannheim Side: October 21st. 1847


A post office (initally using code 174) opened on 11 March 1856.

Mannheim (DE) BN Bahnhof a.jpg


Cover to London with DC on 18 & 9 kr. Sold 5,000 SF in 1994.