Marostica (IT)

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Marostica (pronunciation: [maˈrɔstika]; Venetian: Maròstega [maˈɾɔsteɡa]), is a municipality (14,088 inhabitants in 2021) in the province of Vicenza, Veneto, northern Italy. It is mostly famous for its live chess event and for the local cherry variety.

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Postmark Example

code 36063

Special cancels

Special cancel 1978
Special cancel 1991
Special cancel 1994

Slogan cancels

Slogan cancel 1970
Slogan cancel 1972
Slogan cancel 1973
Slogan cancel 1976
Slogan cancel 1978
Slogan cancel 1989

Meter cancels

Meter cancel 1994

Postmark in Kingdom of Italy era

Postmark in Austrian Empire Venetia province (1850-1866)

The Austrian Empire MAROSTICA post office opened before 1850.

Circle on the 1863 issue.