Marshall Islands 2000 Dr Sun Yat-sen, first President of China

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 12th November 2000
  • seven values in a stamp booklet
  • Designed by: Chris Calle
  • Printed by: Unicover Corporation
  • Print process: lithography
  • stamp format height 31mm x width 50mm (60c designs) or height 62mm x width 87mm ($1 stamp)
  • Perforations: 13.4 x 13.4, or 13.4 x imperf on three sides ($1)

Dr Sun Yat-sen, 1866-1925, physician, revolutionary and first President of Chinese Republic, 1912

Stamp Booklet

  • Booklet ($US4.60) - single pane of seven (stamps vertically arranged)
booklet pane of seven
booklet cover