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Naples (Italian: Napoli; Latin: Neapolis; meaning "new city") is the capital of the southern Italian region Campania. It is the third-largest municipality in Italy, after Rome and Milan. First settled by Greeks in the second millennium BC, Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited urban areas in the world. In the ninth century BC, a colony known as Parthenope or Παρθενόπη was established on the Island of Megaride, later refounded as Neápolis in the sixth century BC. The city was an important part of Magna Graecia, played a major role in the merging of Greek and Roman society and a significant cultural centre under the Romans. It served as the capital of the Duchy of Naples (661–1139), then of the Kingdom of Naples (1282–1816) and finally of the Two Sicilies until the unification of Italy in 1861.

Naples is also considered a capital of the Baroque since the arrival of Caravaggio in the 17th century, and due to the artistic revolution his arrival occasioned.

After the Expedition of the Thousand led by Giuseppe Garibaldi, which culminated in the controversial Siege of Gaeta, Naples became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 as part of the Italian unification, ending the era of Bourbon rule. The economy of the area formerly known as the Two Sicilies declined, leading to an unprecedented wave of emigration, with an estimated 4 million people emigrating from the Naples area between 1876 and 1913. In the forty years following unification, the population of Naples grew by only 26%, vs. 63% for Turin and 103% for Milan; however, by 1884, Naples was still the largest city in Italy with 496,499 inhabitants, or roughly 64,000 per square kilometre (more than twice the population density of Paris)

Postmark Examples

Naples Circular Postmark 1862 on Newspaper Wrapper
Naples Arrival Mark. 2 NOV 1869
Naples 34, 23-11-1933

Meter cancels

Meter cancel 1929
Meter cancel 1937
Meter cancel 1957
Meter cancel 1981

Postmarks on Covers and Cards

NAPOLI 1862 Circular Postmark on 1/2 Mezzo stamp issued in 1861 by the Kingdom of Naples, Provisional Government on wrapper with contents - the newspaper L'EPOCA year 1862.
Stampset.pngStampset.png 1924 Naples to Sofia, Bulgaria.