Netherlands 1924 Dutch Lifeboat Society

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  • Issue Date : September 15, 1924
  • Designed by : P.A.H.Hofman
  • Printed by : Joh Enschedé Haarlem
  • Print Process : offset
  • Perforation : 11½
  • Valid for postage: until December 31, 1935
Netherlands 1924 Dutch Lifeboat Society a.jpg
Netherlands 1924 Dutch Lifeboat Society b.jpg

The two stamps shown here were issued during September 1924 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Dutch Lifeboat Society (in Dutch: "Reddingswezen") The designs feature a ship in distress (2 ct.) and a lifeboat (10 ct.). Please note that the 2ct stamp doesn't have the country name! The Royal Dutch Lifeboat Society, now called the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, was founded in 1824 as a voluntary association tasked with saving lives at sea. This institution is entirely financed by public donations.