Nordenham (DE)

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Nordenham is a town (26,312 inhabitants end 2014) in the Wesermarsch district, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is located at the mouth (on the west bank) of the Weser river on the Butjadingen peninsula on the coast of the North Sea. The seaport city of Bremerhaven is located on the other side (east bank) of the river. On May 1, 1908 Nordenham was granted 2nd class town rights and since 1955 Nordenham is an independent town in the Wesermarsch district. Historically in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, but no Oldenburg post-office.

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Nordenham is composed of 35 districts, each with a long history as a separate community: Abbehausen, Abbehauser Groden, Abbehauser Hörne, Abbehauserwisch, Atens, Atenserfeld, Blexen, Blexersande, Blexerwurp, Bulterweg, Butterburg, Einswarden, Ellwürden, Enjebuhr, Esenshamm, Esenshammer Altendeich, Esenshammer Oberdeich, Esenshammergroden, Friedrich-August-Hütte, Grebswarden, Großensiel, Havendorf, Heering, Hoffe, Kloster, Moorseersand, Oberdeich, Phiesewarden, Rahden, Sarve, Schockumerdeich, Schweewarden, Schütting, Tettens, Treuenfeld, and Volkers.

Postmark in Unified-Germany

Postmarks in German Empire

After end 1871.

Bridge in 1923.

Postmarks in Grand Duchy of Oldenburg


ABBEHAUSEN was joined to the town in 1974.

Blue frame at ABBEHAUSEN on a 1861 issue.


BLEXEN was joined to the town in 1933.

Blue frame at BLEXEN 9/3 in 1852ca.
File:Nordenham (DE) OLD Blexen a.jpg
Blue frame at BLEXEN 24 2 on a 1861 issue.
Blue frame at BLEXEN 6/12 in 1862ca.