Oldenburg (DE)

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Oldenburg is an independent city (157,267 inhabitants in 2011) in the state of Lower Saxony, Germany. During the French annexation (1811–1813) in the wake of the Napoleonic war against Britain, it was also known as Le Vieux-Bourg in French. The city is situated at the Rivers Hunte and Haaren. The city is the place of origin of the House of Oldenburg. Before the end of the German Empire (1918), it was the administrative centre and residence of the monarchs of Oldenburg.

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Postmark in Unified-Germany

Postmark in British Zone

OLDENBURG (OLDB) 1 r 11.6.46.
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Postmark in German Empire

Postmark in North German Confederation

Since 1 January 1868.

Postmarks in Grand Duchy of Oldenburg -1864

Very rare on this 1861 value.
Blue DC cancel on the 1Gr 1861 issue.
Blue DC cancel on the 2Gr 1861 issue.
Luxus blue DC on a 3Gr 1861 fragment. Sold 800 SF in 1998.
Blue DC on a 3Gr 1861 fragment. Sold 540 SF in 1998.


Frame on a 1/15 Th 1852 issue. Sold 600 CHF in 1998.
Blue DC on a 1/2Gr 1861 issue. Sold 3,200 CHF in 1998.
Blue DC on a 3 Gr 1862 issue. Sold 280 CHF in 1998.