Penrhyn 2011 Christmas 2011. The Twelve Days of Christmas

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 24th December 2011
  • four values in a se-tenant strip
  • Designed by: Derek Miller
  • Printed by: BDT International Security Printing, Ireland
  • Print process: lithography, in a sheetlet of three rows of four designs
  • stamp format height 36mm x 36mm
  • Perforations: 13.25 x 13.25

Christmas 2011. The Twelve Days of Christmas

Sheetlet: three se-tenant rows of the four designs
30c ~ A Partridge in a Pear Tree: red-legged partridge
50c ~ Two Turtle Doves: European turtle doves
90c ~ Three French Hens: red Pacific jungle fowl
$2 ~ Four Calling Birds: blackbirds

  • Notes. These designs represent days One through Four of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Days five to twelve inclusive are represented on the Christmas 2011 stamps of Aitutaki and Cook Islands

Sheet stamps

se-tenant strip of four