Portugal 1931 Red Cross - 400th Birth Anniversary of Camões

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  • Issue Date: 1931
  • Withdraw:
  • Designed by: Sousa, Alberto
  • Engravers:
    • Harrison,John Augustus Charles (30c, 40c, 80c, 1E50, 1E60)
    • Fairweather, George R. (2E40)
  • Printed by: Waterlow & Sons
  • Print Process: Engraving
  • Paper:
  • Width: mm
  • Height: mm
  • Perforations: 14
  • Format: Sheet of 10x10


Legend Color Values
Porte Franco 1931 Red all
  • Typographic by Casa da Moeda


  • All scrap from original issued (400th Birth Anniversary of Camões), was given by the Casa
    da Moeda to Portuguese Red Cross, who made speculative selling for philatelic purposes
    of errors encountered: lack of perforations overprints double, inverted, or different color
    of the set, etc.

Value :250c
Value : 32c
Dark green
Value : 80c
Value : 96c
Value : 1E60
Dark Blue
Value : 3E20
Green & Black