Rheinau (DE)

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The town of Rheinau (11,123 inhabitants end 2015) was created during the Baden-Württemberg district reform in 1975 through the combination of the formerly independent communities of Diersheim, Freistett, Hausgereut, Helmlingen, Hohbühn, Holzhausen, Honau, Linx, Memprechtshofen and Rheinbischofsheim. Historically, in the Grand Duchy of Baden, province of Offenburg.

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Postmarks in Germany

Postmarks in German Empire

After 31 December 1871.

Bridge at HONAU in 1918 on a Württemberg Municipal issue.

Postmarks of Grand Duchy of Baden

BISCHOFSHEIM A/RHN was a post office in Kehl Kreis, using code 12.


Rare 3 kr with 5 rings 12 and side DC. Sold 2,300 DM in 1984.