Russia 2015 Coats of Arms. Kazan, Tatarstan

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 28th August 2015
  • one value in a miniature sheet
  • Designed by : A Moscovets
  • Printed by : Goznak
  • Print process : offset
  • stamp format height 42mm x width 30mm. Miniature sheet height 60mm x width 90mm
  • Perforations : 12 x 12.25

Regional Coats of Arms series. Tatarstan

Miniature sheet 50r ~ shield with coat of arms of Kazan (green dragon with red wings and golden feet, wearing a gold crown)
sheet border: badge of Tatarstan (snow leopard and sun disc); map of Russian Federation with Tatarstan highlighted

Miniature sheet