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Sebnitz is a town in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. In 1451 it was first mentioned as a town. A new town hall was built in 1714/1715, but was destroyed together with numerous other buildings, among them the school house, in a fire in 1854. Around 1900 Sebnitz became a centre of the manufacture of artificial flowers.

Postmark in Unified-Germany

Postal codes ::::.

Postmark in East Germany

Stampset.png 1976 Sebnitz to Neustrelitz, DDR

Postmark in Occupied Zone

July 1945 - October 1949 After World War II the town came under the control of The Allied Russian Military Command. On 7 October 1949, the Soviet zone became the German Democratic Republic.

Soviet Zone - Sebnitz (10a). Postal Card (Mi. P962) dated February 11, 1948. Special cancel "The city of artificial flowers"

Postmark in German Empire


Registered cover to Stolpen dated 17 September 1923.

Postmark in North German Confederation

Since 1 January 1868.

Postmark in Kingdom of Saxony

A post office opened in 1823. It used a postal code 104.